Best Winter Beers

If there is one thing people in Michigan know well, it’s WINTER!! Freezing temps, hats & mittens, and piles of snow! So it should be no surprise that our local breweries have turned out some great beer that is perfect for this season. In contrast to refreshing, Summer beers, Winter beers tend to be darker, heavier, and more robust than their warm weather friends, which make Porters and Stouts excellent choices. You’re likely to find heavy flavors of chocolate and coffee – perfect for a cozy drink by the fireside!

Founders Porter, for example, has flavors of chocolate and caramel which keep it silky smooth and full of flavor. Goose Island, Mild Winter Ale is another option out of Chicago for those looking to drink in the flavors of the season. Ask your bartender for more information about these seasonal drinks!!

Not a beer drinker?? Have no fear!! Your bar tender would be happy to create a cold-weather drink to match your taste – Bailey’s and coffee, hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps, a peppermint patty martini, or anything else that suites you! Cheers!!

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