Weak Resolve

Well, we’re just over 2 weeks into the New Year. How are those resolutions coming along? As I sit here and nibble on a giant brownie, I’m wondering if other people are as weak as I am. Healthy eating? Ha! Have you tried our desserts?? But not everyone is a sweet tooth like myself. So what is it that you can’t resist? A crunchy bowl of chips? That perfectly cooked slice of pizza? Or a mouth watering slice of prime rib?

Don’t get me wrong, there are days when nothing sounds better than a cool, crisp salad, but we don’t scold ourselves for those choices. How nice would it be if I were honestly more attracted to salad than sweets. Sigh. I have a long way to go.

To those of your still on the resolution band wagon, keep up the good work! If you’ve fallen off, there is still time to hop back on (though I suggest waiting until AFTER the Super Bowl parties are over). Otherwise, feel free to join me. I’d be happy to share a slice of cheesecake with you!

Until next time…

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