The Joys of Tastings

Wine & Beer Tasting!! What a delightful idea! I think it’s my childhood love of “sample day” at the grocery store reincarnated. Just as I looked forward to finding the best snack sample, in my adult life, I can peruse a variety of wine and beer and determine which will be my social partner for the coming months.

There’s no doubt that buying wine and craft beer can be intimidating. Will that beer really taste like oranges? Will the $7 bottle of wine be a disappointment? Will the $20 bottle not mesh with your taste? And we all know that the descriptions on the label often leave something to be desired (what does a Tanin taste like, anyway?!?).

Why not spend an evening figuring it all out? Try a variety of wine to figure out which flavors mesh best with your palate, learn some fancy wine lingo, or simply become more comfortable with the subject matter. As an added bonus, learn how to pair wine and beer with different foods – and try the foods too. (I TOLD you it’s my childhood love reincarnated!)

Keep an eye out for regular tastings at the Silo or in the Courtyard. We hope to keep you up to date with the best flavors of the seasons.

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